Interactive Cat Toy

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Experience the ultimate playtime fun with our Interactive Cat Toy! Designed to engage your furry friend's natural curiosity, this toy promotes physical activity and mental stimulation. With its interactive features, your cat will stay entertained for hours, aiding in reducing stress and boredom. Treat your beloved feline to endless hours of entertainment and exercise with our Interactive Cat Toy.

Product information:

Material: plush
Color: G10052A1 dazzling prey-bird, G10085B dazzling prey-hedgehog, G10062C dazzling prey-mouse, 

G10098A dazzling prey-bee, G20079A dazzling beetle, G30032A1 dazzling red parrot, G30032D1 dazzling blue parrot,

G30032B dazzling Law long-billed bird, G10087A1 dazzling law prey cricket